Arburg ALLROUNDER 275 V 250 - 70

Year: 2018
Control unit: Selogica

Injection Unit: .../275
Screw diameter: 22 mm
Injection pressure: 2000 bar
Injection volume: 34 ccm
Shot capacity: 31 g

Clamping Unit: 250/...
Clamping force: 25 t
Platen size: 750 mm
Distance between tie bars: brak mm
Mould height: 127-227 mm
Opening storke: 225 mm
Max.Daylight: 352-452 mm
General information:
Delivery time: Now

* Rotary table, two-position.

* Plasticizing unit with the highest resistance to abrasion.

* Needle nozzle 22 mm, closed by spring.

* Control system extension to switch from injection pressure to clamping pressure.

* Set of equipment for injection into the parting plane of the injection mold, with vertical positioning of the clamping system.

* Scissor table for determining the position of the injection unit.

* check valve

* 6 heating circuits with a capacity of 2 kW.

* 50-pin connection according to Euromap 67.

* Connection for controlling the operation of dye dosing unit.