Before you buy an injection machine

Industrial injectors, similarly to all complex technical machines, require well-trained operators.
New machines are equipped with operation manuals which explain every aspect related to preparation of an injector, its operation and proper maintenance.
Such a manual is a good basis and source of knowledge for those who are involved in operation of injection machines, yet they should already have some experience and be familiar with operation of the machines and technical language used in such publications.
The reality is not always as rosy if we consider buying used injectors. In this case it frequently turns out that the seller simply does not attach the applied documentation, either because it was lost or due to many other reasons.
Should this happen, the buyer most often looks for the documentation on the Internet, which is not always effective. Variety of types and kinds of injection machines is so wide it is not possible to find all operating manuals as quickly as we may wish.
Experienced specialists have the opportunity to be aided by documentation from similar machines, as they already know how to interpret and translate information in order to prevent damage to the purchased machine.
Other clients must lean solely on the support of companies offering repairs and servicing of injectors, service which are often very expensive and involve long-term downturns.
Our company offers used injection machines together with technical support which will make the entire machine start-up process easier for the client and will be happy to assist at a later time, in need be.
Our technicians, whose daily work comprises of servicing the injectors, have necessary, up-to-date knowledge on operation of injection machines. We also have a considerable collection of operation manuals and handbooks that on an occasional basis help us at work.
Therefore, our company's clients have peace of mind and do not need to worry about matters related to all aspects of buying a second hand injection machines, since upon request we help to chose appropriate machine, assist during transport of the machine, provide our service related to start-up and configuration of the injector and even related to training of new operators.
Moreover, we offer post-guarantee services and provide access to spare parts and accessories.
Dear potential customer, please do not forget to analyse every aspect of the purchase before you conclude the transaction. Price of the injection machine itself, even though it is important, cannot be decisive in the purchase.
Please verify, if a company provides transport, servicing and trainings, as you may save lots of time, nerves and, not least of all, money!
For more information on current offer of used injection machines, please go to the subpage "Offer of used injection machines"