Why it is us you should cooperate with.

Europnet has been active on the market of second-hand machinery for many years now.

We specialize in used injectors trade.
Over the years, by offering high quality products, professional customer service and online as well as traditional marketing, we have gained control over a considerable portion of sale and purchase market of industrial injectors.
We've also significantly extended our presence on a number of other European markets.
We've established a network of branch offices, warehouses, service spots, customer service centres.
European range of our activities entails many opportunities related to repair and maintenance of injectors, including those no longer manufactured, thus providing access to spare parts, accessories or entire sub-assemblies very limited.
Europnet is purchasing machines on a continuous basis.
Best quality injectors, after complete refurbishment and inspection are assigned for sale, whereas injectors with a higher degree of wear, that cannot be sold with full responsibility, are dismantled into individual elements.
Parts which are not completely worn are entered into our spare part database.
A client, from Spain for instance, may easily use spare parts we have managed to obtain from such locations as Germany or Poland.
The above procedure helps our service to save time on searching the appropriate element and on top of that efficiency of transport of a given part is efficiently carried out due to well-developed transport section.
Consequently, down time before the client's production is started up again is also minimized.
If a client uses an older type of the injection machine, does not have spare parts to repair it or accessories required in its daily operation, it is likely they will find those parts and accessories in our spare part database.
Our network of branch offices is also very convenient for customers returning machines for inspection and/or post-warranty repairs.
The client needn't worry about transport of the machine or availability of the service.
Once the injector is in our hands, it's our responsibility to bring it to the condition in which it can be normally and safely operated.
We know where to look for appropriate parts and specialists in a given issue that needs to be considered.
We know how to transport the entire machine as well as the parts necessary for its repair, without any hazards.
The above examples should provide full view of advantages resulting from cooperation with the company with established marked position, the company that runs a number of branch offices and brings together staff of highest qualifications, able to make use of its extensive resources.
Our company's branch offices strengthen our capabilities and quality of our offer.
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