Relocation of Ferromatik Magna injection molding machine

Relocation of Ferromatik Magna injection molding machine from Nuremberg ( Germany ) to Nowogrodziec ( Poland )

Machine relocation of total weight 35.000kg is quite a challenge, however our team has a lot of experience in dealing with big injection molding machines.
This time we moved machine from manufacture in Germany to customer in Poland, where we had few tasks to accomplish.
Firstly machine was prepared for transport with manufacturers indications, disconnected from all electrical and mechanical installations.
With the relocations there is involved a lot of planning and coordination support from our experienced logistic team, making sure everything is going smooth, safely and on time.
After unloading with the help of crane, we transported machine to designated location using specialist rolls, next machine was leveled and filled with hydraulic oil. Technics plugged in power supply, and started up machine making sure everything works properly.
As always our technics are committed to their work which results in our success.
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