Trade in used injection moulding machines - challenges

Selling industrial second-hand injection moulding machines, highly complex and yet fragile as well as heavy equipment, obviously requires considerable skills.

Sale of machines of that type is challenging for both the personnel involved directly in selling, and for the whole backup team as well as the equipment which supports handling of sales and transport of goods within the class. Our company staff must constantly improve their skills, continually broaden their knowledge on the offer of the devices available on the primary and secondary markets. The employees should keep track of new trends, features (pros and cons) of basic machine types, at least as refers to the most famous makes.
Sale of used injectors is a particularly difficult challenge: it requires preparation of the offer which is attractive enough to compete with the offer of new machines, covered by manufacturer's service. The offer must be prepared in a way it becomes attractive economically and at the same time ensures all possible benefits, such as mobile and on-site servicing, machine transport, access to a complete range of spare parts and accessories. Such an extended offer allows to fight for a client, yet involves a considerable effort, long-term experience and most of all, permanent presence on the market of used injection moulding machines. An entity offering second-hand machines, such as industrial injectors, shall invest in development of the company, individual departments responsible for service, sales, transport or availability of spare parts. This can only be done be a motivated and trained team of employees with unusually wide range of skills.
Also, investments must be made in appropriate promotion of the company and the products themselves, using as many advert channels as possible. Company's on-line presence is a must. Promotion of fanpages and increased appearance of the company on social media profiles are worth the effort too.
The commercial department will take care of sufficiently attractive and up-to-date offer of used injection machines and spare parts for the machines. The service department will look after preparation of individual machines for sale and shall ensure clients' machines are serviced. Experienced servicemen will also be able to perform basic modernisation of injectors according to clients' requests. The transport department will secure safe and professional freight of machines to and from the client's. Company warehouses will provide access to all necessary parts required by a client or servicemen.
New industrial injection machines are extremely expensive, therefore the option to buy good quality and properly serviced second-hand machine may appeal to less wealthy, mainly small and medium - size enterprises, but only if the offer is safe, comprehensive and financially attractive. This is exactly how EuropNet company from Brzeg operates, equipped with all the above-mentioned properties which are required to fight for a client on the EU market efficiently. The company decided to focus on the quality of the product it offers, as well as diversity, comprehensive character and high standard of the additional services offered. Our warehouses have inventory of spare parts and accessories needed by our clients in every day maintenance. Well organised transport department ensures secure and professional relocation of machines , and even complete industrial lines throughout the European Union and beyond. Commercial department constantly improves the offer, taking also care of availability of the full range of accessories.
Hence, if you consider purchase of a used industrial injection machine, buy the device from the company with established market position, which offers support in maintaining operability of the device as well as lets you dismiss any concerns related to its transport.
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