Relocation of used injection molding machine

Relocation of Battenfeld HM 16000/19000 injection molding machine from Germany ( Bad Salzuflen) to Spain ( Burgos )

Relocation of a machine that weighs in total nearly 120.000 kg, is a great challenge.
Thanks to our experience and excellent organization, project ended with a great success.
Tasks we managed to accomplish exemplary:
• Disconnecting the injection and the clamping unit as well as dismantling it i.e. tie rods, platens.
• Preparing and securing both pieces for transport ( draining hydraulic oil ).
• Loading the injection unit and parts of the dismantled clamping unit.
• Securing machine on the trucks.
• Unloading two parts of injection machine in Spain.
• Moving parts into designated location.
• Assembling the clamping unit.
• Connecting both injection and clamping units into whole.
• Setting up and leveling the machine.
• Plugging in power supply and starting up the injection molding machine to make sure everything works properly.
Every action was done with indications from manufacturer.
Our logistic crew were organizing the trucks so they were supposed to drive injection molding machine on time.
Reserving cranes and forklifts both in Germany and Spain. Booking flights, hotels, cars. Everything had to be well organized in order to make the project safe and within time limits.
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