Relocation of Krauss Maffei injection molding machine

Next project we had a pleasure to complete, was relocating machine of total weight nearly 43.000 kg.

As we know Switzerland doesn’t belong to European Union, which is problematic from the logistical standpoint.
Luckily our company has experience of many years dealing with similar issues and cooperating with customs office.
When dealing with relocating machines our company’s highest priority is to make sure that machine gets delivered without a scratch to our customer.
First step was detaching a robot and other external devices.
Next we disconnected all electrical, pneumatical, hydraulical and mechanical installations, than we moved machine using our specialist rolls, outside of the production hall where machine was loaded onto the truck with the help of a crane.
We made sure nothing is lost and would not be damaged in transport.
Unloading in Dąbrowa Górnicza also happened with the help of a crane, under careful eye of our technical team.
Machine was set on the rolls and then transported to designated location of production hall.
Next step was to level injection molding machine and hooking in all installations. Lastly we connected robot, all others external devices and we filled machine with hydraulic oil.
After all the prepping, machine was tested by our serviceman making sure everything works as it’s supposed to.
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