Relocation of used injection molding machine

Relocation of Battenfeld 550 ton injection molding machine from Nitra ( Slovakia ) to Soria ( Spain )

Our next great success was project of relocating the machine of a total weight 35.000kg
Our logistic knowledge and planning skills helped us a lot with delivering injection molding machines safely and on time.
Team of well-trained technics managed to do their tasks exemplary some of them were:
Detaching all hydraulical, pneumatical and electrical installations, removing robot and peripheral devices.
Disconnecting injection and clamping units. Moving machine outside of the production hall with help of our professional equipment.
Next step was loading injection machine onto the trucks with help of a crane, and before setting of to Spain securing the load with indications from manufacturer, so that machine would not get damaged.
After arrival in Soria and unloading cargo, our technical crew set up the machine at designated location, and connected both clamping and injection unit into whole.
Next step was plugging in the power, filling hydraulic oil, and leveling the machine.
After that technics attached robot and the rest of exterior devices, at the end machine was turned on and tested.
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