Relocation of six injection molding machines from Żyrardów to Wrocław

Our next big enterprise was moving production company, relocation concerned six injection molding machines of total weights: 3.700 kg, 15.000 kg, 32.000 kg, 61.900 kg, 77.400 kg, 89.000kg

Our accomplished tasks:
1. Detaching all injection molding machines/preparing them for transport.
• disconnecting robots
• disconnecting bigger machines into two parts
• disconnecting all hydraulical, pneumatical, electrical installations
• disconnecting all external devices and securing them for transport
• draining water and hydraulic oil from the machines
• securing machines for transport accordingly to indications from manufacturer
• securing control panels and movable parts of the machine
2. Loading machines and external devices.
• preparing machines for loading.
• transporting machines outside of the production hall
• loading machines onto trucks using crane
3. Machine transport
• securing machines from atmospheric conditions
• transport of big elements
4. Unloading machines and external devices.
• Preparing machines for unloading
• unloading with the help of a crane
• setting machines in designated location
• leveling machines
• plugging in power supply
• attaching robots and external devices
• help with starting injection molding machines
5. Revamping hydro-cooling and air installation
• hooking in technical hoses to the machines
Our company is pleased with all the interest in relocating machines and whole assembly lines, because we complete our services comprehensively and with high standards. We help people with relocating injection molding machines in Poland, Europe and lately more, and more outside Europe
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