Used injection machines - frequently asked questions

Used injectors are a good alternative.

First of all, purchase of such a machine doesn't involve great costs which otherwise would be a considerable burden especially for the companies that have just started their operations or broaden scope of offered services.

Clients who are looking for used injection machines have many questions and doubts.
You can find answers to the most frequently asked ones, below
Will a used injection machine be fully operational with reliability level not much higher than of a new one?
Purchasing a used injection machine in our company is safe. The client is assured the machine has undergone full inspection, all worn elements and assemblies have been renovated or replaced with new ones and the entire device has passed obligatory tests.
Will I get support of a consultant for non-experts covering the subject of second-hand injectors?
Certainly, each client can count on assistance when selecting proper machine. Our consultants will openly talk to receive necessary information about a production profile, expected efficiency and the like data. Based on that information, we shall choose injection machines which will fulfil assigned tasks to the best result.
Do I have to arrange machine transportation on my own?
Should a client have no possibility to transport the injector, we are happy to help. Our company owns appropriate means for machine transportation and our trained and experienced crew will deliver the machine to the client's premises in a secure and proficient way.
Can I count on your assistance during the machine start-up?
By all means ! Purchasing a used injection machine in EuropNet company includes our support during the start-up, while checking its functionality and adjusting its operation. All you need to do is to inform us that such service is required in advance.
Can I get help with training the operators who will work on the purchased equipment?
Upon request we will gladly provide machine operation training. It is only necessary to let us know you need it and to arrange date and scope of the training.
Can our company rely on service support also in the future?
Of course, EuropNet company provides service. With our long-term experience in servicing as well as access to a broad range of spare parts and accessories it is easy to efficiently maintain and repair used injectors purchased both from our company and other sources.
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