Europnet – why it is our company you should choose?

EuropNet has been present on the European market for 20 years,

specializing in international trade of used injection moulding machines along with peripherals, accessories and spare parts.

We also transport machines with clamping force up to 4 500 tons, both in-house or on longer domestic and international routes.

Clients who are looking for used injection machines have many questions and doubts.
Scope of services provided by Europnet is complemented by the offer of technical servicing of injectors that have already lost guarantee support from the producer.
Services include installation and start-up of machines, performance of maintenance and repairs as well as delivery of technical trainings for new users of the machines purchased from us.
EuropNet also cooperates with banks, leasing companies, receivers, providing quotes and opinions about injection moulding machines, in such cases as liquidation of a company.
As a partner in the industry of plastics processing, together with our subsidiaries in Aachen and Wrocław, we have operated on the European market for 20 years now.
"Our aim is to sell verified equipment only. As a result, you receive machines that are ready to run with quality guarantee and service"
Piotr Kreyczi – CEO
Our company offers specialist services including:
· Sale of used injectors
· Buying injectors
· Transport of large size machinery
· Used injector servicing
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