Service, Instandhaltungen, Überholungen, Inbetriebnahmen und Optimierungen von Spritzgießmaschinen

The EuropNet company offers a service of used injection molding machines throughout the Polish.

The company offers a service injection molding EuropNet used throughout the Polish. We offer a service production facilities on the basis of constant cooperation, or temporary repair services.

We provide replacement seals, pumps, electronic modules and a full range of equipment for renovations. We also provide comprehensive technical inspection and refurbishment of injection molding machines. Maintenance work is carried out by our team of skilled technicians, with many years experience in this field.

Our great advantage is the instant access to a large warehouse of spare parts and electronic modules, which allows us to significantly reduce repair time and reduce its cost.

Our company specializes in patency cooling canals in the aggregates plasticizing. We have a modern high-hollowing, which
works on the basis of specialist chemicals to allow for clearing the heavily soiled and clogged installation of injection systems.

We would like to kindly invite you to cooperation.